Chinese Dragon in the Bendigo Parade, 1946

The first Bendigo Easter Fair, as it was known then, was held in 1871 by Messrs. Aspinal and Burnside to raise funds for the Sandhurst Benevolent Asylum and Hospital raising over £1000 for this charitable cause. The fair was considered such a success that it has been held every year since, making it Australia's longest ongoing community festival!

The festival continues to showcase Bendigo’s diverse community through displays from the Bendigo Chinese Association and many other community groups who have contributed to it's success. The Gala Parade and Torchlight Procession are integral to the festival and provide opportunities for the community to express artistic talent and demonstrate cultural diversity.

The event was due to celebrate it's 150th anniversary in 2020. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to COVID19. 

Planning is now underway for 2021! The event is scheduled for the Easter long weekend of April 2 – 5, in hope that we will be able to mark the 150th anniversary with a fitting celebration (pending Government advice).

Dai Gum Loong at BEF 2019
Dai Gum Loong

Bendigo's newest Golden Dragon, Dai Gum Loong, made his debut in the 2019 Bendigo Advertiser Gala Parade. Dai Gum Loong will replace Sun Loong, who has been retired from regular parade duties. 

An historic cultural display from the Bendigo Chinese Association marked this occasion, featuring dragons Dai Gum Loong, Sun Loong, Bendigo’s first Imperial Dragon Loong and Night Dragon Yar Loong all parading together. 

Dai Gum Loong is 125m long and has more than 7,000 scales. He will be protected by two gold and silver lions and accompanied by a unicorn, a heavenly creature that symbolises long life, celebration and magnificence

Band playing
FReeZA Music Event

The inaugural Thursday evening FReeZA Music Event was hosted with one of Australia’s most popular bands, British India, headlining.

 Artists including Calling all Cars, Bonjah and Jakubi have all featuring across the events short history which has established itself as one of the festivals must attend events!

The event also provides an opportunity for young people to be involved in the festival, with the local FReeZA committee consisting of 15 young people hosting the event.

Kids looking for Easter eggs
Vision Australia Easter Egg Hunt

Hosted by Vision Australia, this popular event has become a Bendigo Easter Festival tradition. Children love to join in the fun, searching for thousands of Easter Eggs hidden in straw.

In 2014, an adult only egg hunt was introduced in which adults, who participated in the event, had to remain blindfolded. This allowed participants a small insight into the lives of those living with blindness and low vision.

Dragon Mile 2018
Dragon Mile

The first Dragon Mile, a foot race through the main streets of Bendigo, was conducted.

The Dragon Mile has played a significant part not only the Bendigo Easter Festival, but also in the athletics history of Bendigo.

Sun Loong
Sun Loong

By the late 1960's, Loong was getting old and an effort to raise money for a new dragon to lead the Gala Parade began. The Loong 100 Committee of local Bendigo businessmen was instrumental in raising the money for the purchase of Sun Loong.

Sun Loong made his first appearance in the festival in 1970 and continues to lead the Gala Parade each year. Measuring approximately 100 metres, Sun Loong is believed to be the longest imperial dragon in the world!

MacLeod Pipe Band
Clan MacLeod Pipe Band

The Clan MacLeod Pipe Band first led the Gala Parade in the mid-60's, a tradition that continues to this day.

Fire Truck Rides
Fire Truck Rides

The Bendigo Combined Fire Brigades commenced running children's rides through Rosalind Park

Popular Girl Contest
Popular Girl Contest

The Popular Girls contest was first introduced. In this contest, the four main streets of Bendigo: Pall Mall, Mitchell Street, Hargreaves Street and originally View Street, then Williamson Street, all sponsored a Popular Girl. The business houses in these streets supported their popular girl with raffles, street stalls and fundraising events. The contest ran for just over 60 years. 

2018 Torchlight fire brigade
Torchlight Procession

The Torchlight Procession was first introduced and has since continued its long standing tradition of bringing fire brigades from far and wide to contribute to the festivities.

The unique parade is made up of three distinct sections; fire brigades and emergency services, lanterns and the contingent from Bendigo Chinese Association.


In 1892 the Chinese members of the community provided a dragon as a focus for the festival. 

At approximately 60 metres long, Loong swayed about amidst fireworks with the support of 80 men with rolling eyes and lolling tongues.

Loong walked through the streets of Bendigo until his retirement in 1970 and to this day, remains on display at the Golden Dragon Museum.

Made of silk, cardboard, bamboo, mirrors and paper mache, he is the world's oldest imperial dragon.

Golden Square Fire Brigade
Golden Square Fire Brigade

Golden Square Fire Brigade first took part in the Easter Processions. Brigade juniors would decorate floats with live flowers and march alongside during the procession. This tradition continued until the 1980’s where floats were built by senior brigade members and supported by the ladies auxiliary.

Chinese Association
Chinese Contribution

In 1879 a committee of Chinese residents organised the Chinese community’s first large scale participation in the annual Bendigo Easter Fair, an event to which individual members of the community had always donated goods and funds.

Clipping of an old newspaper article
Bendigo Easter Fair

On Easter Monday, April 10, 1871, the very first Bendigo Easter Fair was held by Messrs Aspinal and Burnside with the aim  of raising funds for the Sandhurst Benevolent Asylum and Hospital.

The event was a huge success, raising over £1000 for the charitable cause.