Bendigo Bank Dragon Mile

The Bendigo Bank Dragon Mile has played a significant part in the athletics history of Bendigo and plays a key part in the Easter parade during this festive period each year. It is run through the main streets of Bendigo starting in Pall Mall. 

The long time sponsor of the race is the Bendigo Bank. Local athletics club Bendigo Harriers co-ordinates the event.

The race has a history of attracting outstanding athletes. Australian Olympic representatives such as Mike Hillard, Malcolm Norwood, Collis Birmingham, Melissa Duncan and Sarah Jamison are just some of the outstanding athletes to win the race.  Additionally the race provides the chance for children and adults to participate in front of their community.

Race route 
Race starts and finishes at the corner of Pall Mall and Mundy Street. The course runs to the fountain and turns right up View Street to Dudley House, turns around returning to the start (except for the mini mile).

Males & Females run together except Mini Mile.

1)  Mini Mile Girls Gr.4 & under 10:30am

2)  Mini Mile Boys Gr.4 & under 10.45am

3)  Dragon Mile Gr. 5&6 11.00am

4)  Secondary School Yr 7-8 11.15am

5)  Secondary School Yr 9-10 11.30pm

6)  Secondary School Yr 11-12 11.45am

7)  Open, 40+, 50+ 11.45am


Online entries close Thursday April 6, 20232. 
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