A fireworks display will follow the conclusion of the O’Brien Electrical & AC Torchlight Procession on Saturday March 30. 
This display will take place at approximately 9.30pm, however this is subject to the procession finish time.  

The display will be set off from next to the Poppet Head in Rosalind Park.

The poppet head is closed for safety maintenance works, therefore the fireworks display after the Torchlight Procession on Saturday night will be different this year.

The display will be based at ground level. The fireworks are best seen from elevated areas such as the top of View Street, Barnard Street, the Queen Elizabeth Oval vicinity. Please note the fireworks will not be easily seen in lower areas of Rosalind Park or at street level, including Pall Mall.

All livestock and pet owners are recommended to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and comfort of their animals during this time.