Wadaiko Rindo Japanese Drummers Presented by the Bendigo Easter Fair Society
wadaiko rindo japanese drummers

Presented by the Bendigo Easter Fair Society

Wadaiko Rindo are renowned for their energetic and dynamic drumming performances. Their performances are spectacular visual displays of stamina, strength and humour, with the vibrations produced on stage energising the whole audience.

Over the last 20 years, Wadaiko Rindo have not only entertained Australian audiences, but they have also represented their unique blend of Australian and Japanese drumming further afield to countries like Fiji, Tonga, Singapore, China, Japan and New Caledonia.

Along with hundreds of local and interstate festival appearances, corporate events and public performances, Wadaiko Rindo have been supporting the Richmond Football Club at every home game over the last four seasons.

They passionately share their love of Japanese drumming and hope that you, too, will be touched by the energy of these traditional instruments.